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wow, sick

love this shit, dubstep/tetris ftw. love the basslines, and drums, all of it :D

great track but...

a track like this can be one of 2 things, either techno influenced by hiphop, or hiphop influenced by techno.

I think this track is much more like hiphop influenced by techno, and the main duration of the track is very hiphop. however the intro is not. the intro is a standard dance / techno build up, where the layers are increasing slowly, adding another each 4 bars or so, but this sort of intro is not so good for hiphop and more popular genres, because people can lose interest very fast. the way this track is now, its more like something odd in between techno and hiphop, because of this intro. I suggest altering the intro a little so it maybe like 16 bars long instead of whatever it is now, where hihats or some other part of the drum is introduced at the 8 bar interval, because in hiphop the drum is what draws in listeners' attention and keeps them listening to the full track, rather than skipping through to the good parts (which is what i did before i listened to it fully :P)

overall though, i loved the main part of this track, its one of the best ive heard on newgrounds.

hope this helps!

punk is not my speciality but...

i do know about production skills :P. i can feel the main guitar and can tell when there is a good musical mind at work, which this track definitely has, where the lead guitar is pretty good, however i can tell that ur not really too good at producing (not trying to offend or anything). the tune was good, the drums were okay, but very generic. heres dome tips which i hope will help:

1) the samples u used for this track (all of them) seemed very basic and kinda bad, they all sound very low quality (particularly the guitar, snares and hihat), u should try to find some decent samples which sound realistic and have a proper feel of the genre, rather than using what i think sounds like the default samples from FL studio / Fruity Loops (which are known to be terrible). downloads some decent Vst's / virtual synths, there are loads of free good ones out there.

2) the hihats are very gerneric, repeitive and robotic, try altering the hihat sequence every few bars, to give it more of a live feel rather than a repetition.

3) the sound levels of the track need fixing, turn up the kick and snare a little, and turning the hihats down a little, or turn down the main guitar.

4) the track is very restricted to drum and guitar, try adding a bass guitar / bassline to give it more of a genuine feel.

5) once you've done all this, try out a few fx, such as a reverb on the drums to give that little extra finish.

hope this helps :]

T-Dog114 responds:

Thanks for the fair criticism, I didn't know how to use fruity loops that well when I made it, I lost the old file and I can't change it, which sucks...

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