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New Libera Me From Hell DnB Mix

2008-11-23 22:09:46 by yix1337

Dunno If anyones gonna read this, but its 3am here and ive just spent some time on my new mix of Libera Me, I had one before but it was really quick, took me around an hour then uploaded it. There was no real creativity behind that one, I was basically just using the tune but adding some effects, very minor variations and different VST's, I tried to make it Drum & Bass-like but i kinda failed at that too ^_^" , but still it got some good reviews etc etc, so I cant complain.

Anyway, without getting sidetracked- I've very nearly got my final version of my new Libera Me DnB mix to upload to youtube and on here. But I'm not sure if everyone will like it- its a proper DnB track this time with a proper DnB feel, unlike before. And Its not just one tune repeated, like before. This time I used the Libera Me From Hell tune, as well as coming up with my own tune which it goes into for some of the main parts. Ive finished the track, but im just not on the final version yet, im basically choosing between 2 different instruments at a part of the track.

If any body wants to get a bit of a preview of whats coming, please PM me on newgrounds or email me at and I might link you to a small sample, but please I need you guys to let me know what u think before I upload it for everyone - I want this one to be perfect :P

now ill go to sleep :D


2008-01-27 12:09:50 by yix1337

first post :)